Bulk API Implementation for Salesforce Source

Hevo has now added support to ingest data through Salesforce Bulk API instead of the SOQL Queries. This will reduce the number of API calls made to your Salesforce account, in turn, making the data load faster and more robust.

Trigger Model on Load

Hevo will now be able to automatically run models when the data in the tables are refreshed. This will ensure that you always have up-to-date data in your data warehouse.

Ability to Cancel a Model in the Running State

In order to help you deal with queries that are stuck or are running from long duration, we have added a feature to kill your query from within Hevo.

With this newfound power, you can easily manage stranded/troublesome data models from within Hevo.

Support for Variant Columns in Snowflake

Variant is a universal data type in Snowflake that can store both JSON Objects and Arrays. Hevo now allows loading JSON values into variant columns directly rather than splitting it into multiple tables.

Support to Load JSON in MySQL and PostgreSQL

In order to help you do more with your JSON data, we have now added support for JSON data types in MySQL and PostgreSQL destinations. Based on your need, you now have the autonomy to load JSON data exploded or as is.

A Detailed View of Payment History

To make Billing more transparent on Hevo, we have now added Payments History tab - your go-to place to avail a detailed history of all your Hevo payments. In addition to receiving invoice over email, you can also easily download them from the Payment History tab.

list copy 9.png

More Powerful Algorithms to handle Failed Events

In order to reduce the manual intervention needed, we have now upgraded our algorithms to smartly deal with failed events. With the new advancements, Hevo can now handle a wide array of data load failures and automatically take necessary corrective measures to make your pipeline work seamlessly.

Pipeline Prioritization

Hevo can now prioritize the data ingestion into the destination as per your needs. This feature will allow you to define which pipeline is important for you, prioritise ingestion on this pipeline and ensure that this data is available at your destination on-time.

All you need to do is let Hevo know what to prioritize by clicking on the “priority” key next to the pipeline number.


A Direct Way to Share Feedback

To help you voice out the good, the bad and the ugly, we have added a Feedback icon on the app. This is an open forum to speak your mind out, request for new features, highlight improvements and more.

We will watch out for your comments here.


Revamped User Experience

Keeping the betterment of your experience in mind, the Hevo dashboard has been re-designed for improved usability. Some of the key changes include - A dark layout that strongly brings out the different elements on the Hevo UI, a sticky global search bar, a rearranged navigation bar and more.

Do share your thoughts on Hevo’s new look.