Google Play

Hevo now offers Google Play as an integration. You can replicate the user engagement and response data for your applications hosted on Google Play to the Destination data warehouse or database.

Google Play - New Source.png

Read more about using Google Play as a Source


Hevo now offers Intercom App as an integration, in addition to the existing Intercom Webhook. You can retrieve all your customer communication data from your Intercom account to the Destination data warehouse or database using Intercom’s REST APIs.

Intercom - New Source.png

Read more about using Intercom as a Source

Managed BigQuery Data Warehouse

Hevo now provides you a pre-configured, fully-managed Google BigQuery data warehouse that you can immediately start using, if you do not already have a data warehouse Destination. You can also connect your BI tool to it to immediately start visualizing the replicated data.

Read Hevo Managed Google BigQuery and Connecting BI Tools to Hevo.

Compressed Table and Column Names

Hevo compresses the table and column names if these exceed the character limits imposted by the Destination database or data warehouse, to keep them meaningful and unique as far as possible.

BinLog Alerts

For RDBMS Sources, Hevo now displays alerts in your Pipeline if your log retention period is set too low, as this can adversely impact data ingestion.

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De-duplication of Records

For data warehouse Destinations, you can now control whether Hevo must simply append ingested records as new rows in the data warehouse table or check for duplicates.

Read How do I enable or disable the deduplication of records in my Destination data warehouse tables?

New Hevo Pricing

Hevo now offers flexible subscription plans and easy options to buy additional Sources, Models, and Events as per your usage requirements. Automated alerts inform you if you are near to consuming or have consumed your subscribed quota of these.

Read more about Pricing Plans, Billing Alerts, and Purchasing Additional Sources, Models, and Events.

Microsoft Ads

Hevo now offers Microsoft Advertising (Microsoft Ads) as an integration. Configure it as a Source in your Hevo Pipeline to replicate the performance data of one or many Microsoft Ads accounts to the Destination system.

Read about using Microsoft Ads as a Source.

MS Ads.png

MongoDB Atlas

Hevo now offers simplified configuration steps for MongoDB Atlas. If you have deployed MongoDB Atlas, read Setting up MongoDB Atlas. If you use other (Generic) MongoDB deployments, read Setting up Generic MongoDB.

Hevo Trial Account

If you are a Trial user, you can now view your trial account status conveniently on the top right in the Hevo interface. Your trial period starts when you create your first Pipeline and lasts for 14 days from then.

Read about Hevo Trial Accounts.