Hevo changelog
Hevo changelog

Near Real-time Data Loading in Google BigQuery

Hevo now offers near real-time data loading by streaming writes to your Google BigQuery Destination. You can enable this option while configuring your BigQuery Destination.


Read about Near Real-time Data Loading using Streaming.

Kafka Confluent Cloud

Hevo now offers Kafka Confluent Cloud as a distinct integration. You can replicate topics from your Confluent Cloud instance to your Destination system using Hevo Pipelines.


Read Kafka Confluent Cloud.

Apache Kafka

Hevo now offers Apache Kafka as a distinct integration. You can replicate data from your Apache Kafka instance to the Destination system using Hevo Pipelines.


Read Apache Kafka.


Hevo now offers Elasticsearch as an integration. You can replicate data from your Elasticsearch clusters to the Destination system using Hevo Pipelines.

Elastic Search.png

Read Elasticsearch.

Step-by-Step Guide

Hevo now integrates the Setup Guide with the configuration UI for database Sources to provide step-by-step guidance for creating Pipelines.

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Promotion of Data Types in Google BigQuery Tables

Hevo automatically promotes the data type of the Destination table column to accommodate Source data of different data types for tables smaller than 50GB.

Read Handling Different Data Types in Source Data.

Billing Notifications

Hevo now provides you the option to enable or disable daily email notifications of the activity in your account.

Billing Notifications.png

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Business Plans

Hevo now offers you the flexibility to create custom Business plans based on usage and requirements. With this, the earlier Custom Plan offering is discontinued.

Read Pricing Plans and Setting up Pricing Plans, Billing, and Payments.

Pay Now

Hevo now provides you an option to manually clear any unpaid dues directly via the Hevo UI.

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Read Viewing Billing History.

Live Chat Support

Hevo now offers the Live Chat support for users on Basic plan only for a complementary 30-day period.

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