New Hevo Pricing

Hevo now offers flexible subscription plans and easy options to buy additional Sources, Models, and Events as per your usage requirements. Automated alerts inform you if you are near to consuming or have consumed your subscribed quota of these.

Read more about Pricing Plans, Billing Alerts, and Purchasing Additional Sources, Models, and Events.

Microsoft Ads

Hevo now offers Microsoft Advertising (Microsoft Ads) as an integration. Configure it as a Source in your Hevo Pipeline to replicate the performance data of one or many Microsoft Ads accounts to the Destination system.

Read about using Microsoft Ads as a Source.

MS Ads.png

MongoDB Atlas

Hevo now offers simplified configuration steps for MongoDB Atlas. If you have deployed MongoDB Atlas, read Setting up MongoDB Atlas. If you use other (Generic) MongoDB deployments, read Setting up Generic MongoDB.

Hevo Trial Account

If you are a Trial user, you can now view your trial account status conveniently on the top right in the Hevo interface. Your trial period starts when you create your first Pipeline and lasts for 14 days from then.

Read about Hevo Trial Accounts.

Bulk Actions in Schema Mapper

Expedite schema mapping for a Pipeline by applying applicable actions on multiple Event Types at once. Separate mapping statuses of Mapped (for manually mapped Event Types) and Auto Mapped (for auto-mapped Event Types) makes it even easier to use bulk actions.


Add On Subscriptions

For Business Plan subscribers, Hevo introduces the feature of Add Ons that allow you to incrementally increase the number of Models and Sources in your plan at a nominal monthly billing. Choose from compact Add On bundles of 10 Sources or 10 Models or both, to meet your growing business needs. You can increase or reduce your Add On subscriptions any time and are billed only on pro-rata basis.

Read about Add On Subscriptions.

Marketo as a Source

Hevo now offers Marketo as an integration. You can replicate your marketing automation-related data hosted on Marketo to the Destination system using Marketo APIs.

Marketo - New Source.png

Read more about using Marketo as a Source.


Enhanced the Resource Manager to share resources more fairly and optimally across all customers' Pipelines. Customers can expect to see improvements in end-to-end latency, resulting in near real time data transfers and faster catch-up times, during initial loads and backlog processing.

User Experience

Enhanced the Hevo UI, specially for Alerts, Models, Overview pages, Schema Mapper, Sources, and Transformations. You now have more space to work with while still having access to all the key tasks and navigations. From a resizable vertical tab bar in the Overview pages, to a sticky action-icons bar at the top of scrollable lists, and streamlining of the Settings menu within the user profile drop-down, the changes are designed to give you a better and smoother experience.


Use the enhanced Models in Hevo to perform data transformations in your data warehouse more easily and efficiently. Automatically create output tables from the SQL query, reset the Model, and improve the efficiency of your incremental data loads. You can easily update legacy Models with a few simple steps.

Read more about the key features in Models.

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