Hevo changelog
Hevo changelog

Instagram Business

Hevo now integrates with Instagram Business as a Source to help you replicate your Instagram insights data to a Destination of your choice.

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REST API Test Response

Hevo now enables you to test the settings you specify for configuring the REST API Source and view how your ingested Events appear.

Test the REST API

Read Testing the REST API.

Clustered Tables in Google BigQuery Destination

Hevo now supports the creation of clustered tables in your BigQuery Destination, to help you optimize the SQL queries you run on your BigQuery Destination.

Read Clustering in Google BigQuery.

Enhanced Security with Google Authentication

Hevo now enables you to enforce login via Google for your teams, to restrict access to only authorized users.

Google Login

Read Enforcing Google Authentication Across Your Team.

Datatype Promotion in Amazon Redshift Destination Tables

Hevo automatically promotes the data type of the Amazon Redshift Destination table columns to accommodate Source data of different data types.

Read Handling Different Data Types in Source Data.

On-Demand Loading of Events to Data Warehouse

Hevo now provides you the option to load pending Events to data warehouse Destinations without having to wait for the next scheduled load task. You can do this for the Pipeline, Destination, or a specific table.


Read Manually Triggering the Loading of Events.

Google Analytics 360

Hevo now offers Google Analytics 360 (GA 360) as an integration. Export your un-sampled, event-level GA 360 data to Google BigQuery and use Hevo Pipelines to replicate it to the Destination system of your choice.

GA 360.png

Read Google Analytics 360.

Free Sources

Hevo now offers a variety of SaaS Sources for free in all the subscription plans. Identify these Sources by the FREE tag next to them.


Read more about Free Sources.

Unlimited Models in All Plans

Now there is no restriction on the number of Models you create, as Hevo offers you Unlimited Models in all plans.

Free Plan

Hevo now offers you the Free Plan that gives you access to all the Free Sources and allows you to create unlimited Models.


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