More data in Zendesk

We have added support to extract all the objects on Zendesk. Previously, users were able to pull the data on tickets and conversations. This upgrade will help you extract and analyze your Zendesk data better.

Here is the list of objects supported by Hevo

Change Position Feature - Enabled for All

A few months ago, we had released a beta version of a highly requested feature that allows you to read the data from an older date in a P

Automatic Detection of gzip Files in Flat File Data Pipelines

In flat file sources such as S3, FTP and SFTP, Hevo can now automatically detect gzip files. This liberates you from the additional step of specifying the file compression type during pipeline creation.

Data Loading from Multiple Schemas in PostgreSQL

Hevo can now bring data from all Postgres Schemas within the same database via Logical Replication in a single pipeline. The pipeline will use a single replication slot to stream all the schemas, thereby, saving space on your database.

Data Loading from Multiple Databases in MySQL

Hevo has added support to pull data from multiple databases within a single MySQL instance via a single pipeline. This will make it faster for you to setup your pipelines and will reduce performance overhead on your MySQL instance.

Replay Queue is Moved to the Overview page

You can now see all failed events within your pipeline jobs on the overview page. With this improved intuitive layout, you will be able to understand the reason for event sync failure and the steps to fix the same.

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Unique Column Table Querier for MSSQL CT Modes

For historical loads where MSSQL replication mode is set to ChangeTracking (CT), Hevo now allows any column that has unique values to be specified to perform this historical fetch. By default, the primary key column is suggested.

Auto Import of Historical Data in MSSQL

We have added a feature to automatically import historical data for tables that are being queried through Change Tracking in MSSQL. Now you will not have to create an additional pipeline to import historical data.

Timezone Setting for your Hevo Account

You can now set a time zone for your Hevo account. You can access this setting through the Admin section. This will ensure that you receive Notifications and Error reports details in the timezone you would want. If a timezone has not been set, Hevo picks up your browser timezone by default.

Full Document Fetch for MongoDB while using OpLogs

Previously, Hevo would fetch complete documents only Collections and change stream mode. With this new update, Hevo can now pull complete documents through OpLog as well. All features like splitting nested arrays and querying them will be possible now in OpLog. This acts as an efficient substitute to building pipelines in Collections Mode.

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