Hevo changelog
Hevo changelog



New Integration



Hevo now integrates Firebolt as a data warehouse Destination for creating Pipelines.


Read Firebolt.

Connecting to the local database via SSH


Feature Additions



Hevo now allows you to connect to a local database in the Source or Destination via SSH.

Read Connecting to Local Database Source and Connecting to a Local Database Destination.

Troubleshooting guidance for post-Pipeline creation errors for MySQL Sources






Feature Additions



Hevo now provides you Troubleshooting content for the typical errors faced post-Pipeline creation for the MySQL Sources in Pipelines. We shall be building on this content in future releases.

Read Errors Post-Pipeline Creation.

Logical Data Replication in Google Cloud PostgreSQL


Feature Additions



Hevo now supports logical data replication for Google Cloud PostgreSQL.

Read Google Cloud PostgreSQL.

Tracking Updates for Stripe Objects


Improvements and Fixes



Hevo brings you an enhanced Stripe integration, tracking updates and deletes in the Source data using Stripe’s events object.

Read Stripe.

Troubleshooting Help for MySQL and PostgreSQL Sources





Hevo now provides you troubleshooting guides for resolving typical errors during the configuration of the MySQL and PostgreSQL Sources in your Pipelines.


Ingestion of Archived Objects from Hubspot


Feature Additions



Hevo now enables you to ingest archived objects too from your Hubspot Source.

Read Hubspot.

Google BigQuery Table Partitioning


Feature Additions



Hevo now supports additional table partitioning types of Hour, Month, and Year apart from the default type, Day, in Google BigQuery Tables.

Read Using BigQuery Partitioning in Hevo.

Resolving OpLog-related Failures from the UI





Hevo now provides you an option to view and resolve Pipeline failures arising from OpLog expiry directly from the UI.

Read Resolving OpLog Expiry Failures.

More Attractive Pricing Plans


Improvements and Fixes



Hevo now offers unlimited Sources with all the paid plans. Users on the Free plan can continue to use unlimited Free Sources with a fixed limit of 1 Million Events.


Read Pricing Plans.