Use the enhanced Models in Hevo to perform data transformations in your data warehouse more easily and efficiently. Automatically create output tables from the SQL query, reset the Model, and improve the efficiency of your incremental data loads. You can easily update legacy Models with a few simple steps.

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Shopify App as a Source

Hevo now offers Shopify App as an integration, in addition to the existing Shopify Webhook. You can replicate data from your e-commerce site hosted on Shopify to the destination system, such as, a data warehouse or database, using the Shopify REST APIs.

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Next Invoice Details

You can now find the details of your next invoice in the Billing tab of your Hevo account dashboard. You can view all the required information about the pricing, plan renewal date, and subscription details.

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Details of Billed Sources

You can now see the total number of sources used within your Hevo account, under the Billing tab. This feature aims to give you clarity on the source usage statistics as per your plan limit.

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New Pricing Plan

We have made a few changes to our pricing plans and have introduced a Basic plan for customers in the early stages of their data integration journey. This does not impact your current pricing plan as our Starter and Business plans remain unchanged. The Basic plan is available on our Pricing page and also within your Hevo account’s dashboard, under Billing, Change Plan option.

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Pipeline Latency Tracking

We have introduced the latency tracking feature on the pipeline Overview page, under the Load Status tab, to provide you the historical latency view along with the current latency information. You can now track the delay between the time when events were ingested to the time when they were loaded at the destination. The feature is currently in the beta stage and is not yet enabled for all customers. In the next few weeks, it will be available for all the customers.

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Drop Destination Table

You will now be able to drop any destination warehouse table directly from your Hevo dashboard. Go to the “Schema Mapper” tab available under the pipeline section and click on the destination table to explore this option.

Drop Table (1).png

Job Categorization

All your jobs listed on the Pipeline Overview tab will now be grouped into two categories - Historical jobs and BinLog jobs. BinLog jobs will be shown at the top and below that historical jobs will be shown.

Historical Load (2).png

Google Search Console as a Data Source

Hevo now offers Google Search Console as an integration. You can replicate the website search performance data from your Google Search Console account to your data warehouse.

With Hevo’s built-in integrations with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Ads, your marketing teams can easily analyze website traffic performance, search engine performance, and ad performance.

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Automated Billing Setup

You can now review your billing plan under the billing tab in Account Settings. Also, you can make changes to your plan, if necessary.