Ingest Google Ads Data from Multiple Accounts

We will soon add the capability to bring data from multiple accounts linked to your Google Ads account using a single pipeline. Currently, this is achievable by configuring individual pipelines to bring data from individual ad accounts.

This feature would further simplify the data load process from Google Ads for businesses and agencies that often own multiple Google Ads accounts of clients.

Load Files in Any Order from S3

Hevo does not need your S3 files to be in lexical order before loading anymore! This takes away all the data preparation overhead you previously had before loading data from S3. With this newfound flexibility, you can now move data reliably from S3 to your destination.

Ingest Data from Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts

With this new feature addition, you only need to build a single pipeline to load data from multiple Facebook Ads account linked to one Facebook Business account.

Whether you are a marketing agency owning different client accounts or a team running Facebook ads through multiple ad accounts, Hevo now has a simplified way to load all your Facebook data in just a few clicks.

3X Faster Data Processing

With the optimizations made in our proprietary data processing algorithms, Hevo has now achieved a 3x enhancement throughput. This enables Hevo to process all your data at lightning-fast speeds!

Bulk API Implementation for Salesforce Source

Hevo has now added support to ingest data through Salesforce Bulk API instead of the SOQL Queries. This will reduce the number of API calls made to your Salesforce account, in turn, making the data load faster and more robust.

Default Load time in BigQuery and Snowflake Reduced to 5 minutes

We have reduced the default load-interval to 5 mins from the 30 mins. This will ensure that you get data in your warehouse in near real-time, without having to make any additional configurations.

This upgrade will help you make fresh data available to your team faster.

Hubspot as a Source

Hevo will soon add the capability to bring data from HubSpot to your favourite destinations. With all your CRM and Marketing data in your warehouse, you can now deep dive into your sales and marketing efforts to derive actionable insights.

Watch out for an update from our end soon.

Trigger Model on Load

Hevo will now be able to automatically run models when the data in the tables are refreshed. This will ensure that you always have up-to-date data in your data warehouse.

Ability to Cancel a Model in the Running State

In order to help you deal with queries that are stuck or are running from long duration, we have added a feature to kill your query from within Hevo.

With this newfound power, you can easily manage stranded/troublesome data models from within Hevo.

Support for Variant Columns in Snowflake

Variant is a universal data type in Snowflake that can store both JSON Objects and Arrays. Hevo now allows loading JSON values into variant columns directly rather than splitting it into multiple tables.