Hevo changelog
Hevo changelog

Support for Changes Introduced by Google Ads


Feature Additions


Enhanced the integration to support Google Ads API Version 12 for both new and existing Pipelines. As a part of the API version upgrade, Hevo has:

  • Added support for some metrics in the following reports:


    To add these metrics to standard reports in an existing Pipeline, you must restart historical load for the corresponding report. For custom reports, you must create a new Pipeline.

  • Removed support for ingesting historical data for certain Gmail-related metrics in the Ad Group Ad report as Google Ads does not export data for these metrics anymore. All existing Pipelines containing these metrics now load null values for these fields.

    Hevo automatically handles these changes while loading the data to your Destination. Please check for an email from Hevo if you have Pipelines with this Source.

Read Source Considerations.